iFarm App Download and Load Bar Settings


J&M iFarm by Agrimatics™ is the leading edge of agricultural weighing systems. The patent pending system connects wirelessly to all in-range mobile devices providing world-class indicator displays to the entire team. iFarm is simple to install with a long-lasting battery to easily get you through the harvest or planting season. Our rugged design can handle extreme temperatures, vibrations, mud, sun, rain and snow. Our current feature set includes:

Compatibility With All J&M Load Bars - iFarm can connect to any J&M scale system. Simply switch out your existing indicator for the iFarm hardware.

Wide Temperature - The iFarm hardware can withstand extreme temperatures, handling any climate. Our IP-65 box can stand up to rain, mud and snow, so it can be mounted on the outside of your grain cart. Made from polycarbonate, it is resistant to impacts and UV damage from sunlight, unlike most plastics.

High Vibration - We’ve designed the iFarm hardware to withstand high vibrations, and the roughest conditions with ease.

Long-Life Battery - Our advanced battery management techniques mean we can easily last a season, keeping you running.

Wireless - Wireless connectivity means you no longer need a cable between the tractor and the grain cart or seed tender. The iFarm hardware communicates wirelessly with your mobile device, and provides power to the load bars.

Over-The-Air Updates - We continue to add new capabilities to your hardware without you needing to go to your dealer to take advantage of new features.




J&M iFarm by Agrimatics™ keeps moving forward rapidly adapting to your needs. Because our system is cloud-connected, you’re not limited to the features that were available at purchase time. We’re always innovating, and delivering new capabilities to our existing customers.

Powerful Current Features:
• Unload Detection
• Unlimited Remotes
• Data Sharing
• Track Field, Destination and Commodity
• Truck, Field and Destination Totals
• GPS Location of Loads (with supporting mobile devices)
• Transaction Control
• Display Smoothing


• J&M iFarm by Agrimatics™ is compatible with the iPhone 4S and newer, and the iPad 3 or newer, including the iPad Mini. Even the smallest capacity smartphones and tablets will be able to store many years worth of harvest data.

• An unlimited number of smartphones and/or tablets can view the grain weight simultaneously as remote displays.

• Does not require ISOBUS, so our system is compatible with any tractor.

• J&M iFarm by Agrimatics™ consists of a single device that wires into the load bars and wirelessly communicates with a smartphone or tablet. Installation and setup can happen in minutes.

• Designed to use modern smartphones and tablets to do the majority of the processing and data management. The capabilities continue to grow as the capabilities of these devices grow.

• The smartphone or tablet stores all the data and seamlessly connects to the cloud.